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WELCOME! This homepage is a project for my 10th grade English class in conclusion to our study of the Arthurian legends. The purpose of this page is to explore and evaluate resources related to the Arthurian legends found on the World Wide Web. Included on this page are a few pictures and a long list of links.

The World Wide Web contains an extensive number of resources, anything anyone can imagine. There is also a wide variety of resources about the Arthurian legends found on the net. I came upon over 100 different pages dedicated to Arthur. Out of those 100 pages, I chose about 25 to evaluate. These pages are all very unique. Some are school projects like mine, some are very serious sources to be used as reference, and some are just for fun. I evaluated each one according to the important role it played in the legends, whether it be characters, places, values of the Round Table, or weaponry. I also looked for symbols, illustrations, graphics, clear explanations of purpose, number of links, and written context.

This project has not only increased my knowledge of the Arthurian legends, it has expanded my scope in the use of internet and the making of a homepage. Read on, enjoy, and feel free to click on any of the links to browse.

Arthur In Cyber Space!

Links To King Arthur Sites

  • The Official Cardiff Arthurian Society: This is a page by a student society which aims to advance and educate people about medieval history, and especially legends surrounding King Arthur. Includes a magazine called "The Daily Grail" which contains medieval recipes, problem solving, and a dress-up knight and lady activities. Also has a huge list of links. Really fun.
  • The Cardiff Arthurian Society: This site celebrates and perpetuates the legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table in a humorous manner. It also contains many nice pictures.
  • The Oxford Arthurian Society: Purpose:To discuss, investigate, and generally celebrate the myths, legends, and ancient mysteries. Includes songs, pictures, and current happenings.
  • Arthuriana: A scholarly journal about Arthur which is linked with the International Arthurian Society. Includes newsletter, magazines, recent discussion groups in Arthurian studies.
  • The Camelot Project at the University of Rochester: Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies, characters, symbols and motifs, pictures, and other basic info. Also has hundreds of great pictures.
  • Arthurian Order of Avalon: A group of performers from Oklahoma conducting activities, both performance and social, in the genre of Arthurian legends. Includes pictures and a list of upcoming performances.
  • The Charrette Project at Princeton University: A complex, scholarly, multi-media electronic archive containing a medieval manuscript by Chretien de Troyes. Very interesting!
  • Arthurian Links: An even more thorough look at Arthurian references on the net.
  • The Arthurian Legends: A collaborative hypertext composed by certain students at Hamline University.
  • "First Knight" Homepage: Features pictures, production peeks from behind the scenes, an online game, and a contest from the movie. Great!
  • Avalon: Arthurian Heaven: Chris Thornborrow's Arthurian hompage all about Avalon. Includes an FAQ list, list of books and articles, media ("Monty Python" script), Arthur Net, geography, and societies and groups. Excellent!
  • The Arthurian Legend: Questions relating to the King Arthur Legends.
  • Sites Relating To Arthur: Important places where the legend takes place.
  • Arthur: A homepage by Merrie Haskell. Subtitles include The Matter of Britain, sources, religion, Roman Briton, geography, battles, people, a timetable, micellany. Very thorough.
  • The Labyrinth at Georgetown University: A wonderful world wide server for medieval studies with many resources.
  • FeySidhe's Arthurian and Medieval Page: Consists of texts, a timeline of major Arthurian literature, and links.
  • Heidi Anderson's Arthur Homepage: Includes a list of links, the legend of the Holy Grail, and essay about the changing roles of women in the Arthurian Legend, and an index from the appendix to Le Morte D'Arthur.
  • Wendy's Arthurian Homepage: This page contains audios, essays, Arthurian classics, sites devoted to Arthurian authors, Arthurian orders, Arthurian class sites, Athurian books, and Arthurian newsgroups.
  • BRITANNIA, Arthurian Homepage.: A few essays about the quest for Arthur, tours, maps, articles, Arthurian text, characters, sites, directories,and other resources. Awesome!
  • KING ARTHUR ON THE INTERNET: An Essay by John J. Doherty: A paper concerning the academic scholars that publish Arthurian information on the Net.
  • Arthur: The Matter of Britain.: A list of more sites. Plus a list of papers, films, games, and other fun stuff.
  • Mattman's Arthurian Resources Page: Has a few nice resources.
  • King Arthur Pendragon: This is an interesting page. It is dedicated to the living King Arthur. Includes an interview and a few real photos. You must be a believer.
  • Ms. Jeffrey's Arthurian Web Sites Page: A homepage recently set-up by a friend of mine. Another excellent source for even more links to Arthurian webpages.

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